One of the most important elements of each space is the interior doors. We can cope with the economic potential of achieving the greatest aesthetic and functional outcome. Ask for what you are interested in without restrictions on the dimension, style and color !! Special constructions (unique) can be realized as special orders!

42mm & 50mm Internal Door Construction Capabilities.
  • Material Solid Wood (American Oak – Iroko – Niagone) – Semi-Shi.
  • Plan | Straight Line – Pantograph – Panel – Minimal.
  • Color | Lacquer Ral – Natural veneer – Varnished veneer – Laminate – Varnish. A wide range of Laminate (Physical & Technological) Camels are available. – veneers can be water-dyed in different colors.
  • Cupola ( 100mm / 130mm / 150mm / 180mm / 210mm to 240mm) X 45mm.
  • Hinge – Mechanism Screwdriver (2D) Single fire adjustable in two directions Fourspheres (3D), adjustable in all directions Hidden (comb – 3D), adjustable in all directions. Ability to construct axial internal & external input.
  • Lock | AGB Inside Inlet with 75mm or 90mm Center | Magnetic lock AGB external security lock with belly button Three point security lock of CORBIN MERONI hotel press lock .
  • Handles A wide range of colors & designs.
  • Accessories Heavy duty and light type rebound bumper – decorative metal elements (any decorative item available on request).


Interior Door Handles