Shutters – Covers

Solid frame – Profile 44mm

Sea Sculpture – 40mm profile

For construction details and more types of covers, please contact us!

Aluminum Rolls

All types types of wooden frames of OKNADOM accept the adjustment and fitting to them all types of modern rolls. Thus, a modern design offers a maximum shading and an increase in the types provided by the security frames. All parts that make up the roll are painted in the color of the frame to make them a harmonious and stylish set. Their easy operation is achieved thanks to the Somfy motors with which they are accompanied. Great emphasis is placed on the elegant storage of the roll, which is carried out by the process of the inner lining.

Roller Profile
We have the ability to meet your needs with light (economical) and heavy-duty rolls!
Heavy Duty Profile
  •  P 9|40
  •  P 12|45
  •  P L30

Lightweight Profile

  •  P H30
We select Somfy because ..

Somfy electric motors are designed and adapted to all types of wooden frames.Smart motors are programmed to receive and perform precise adjustments by providing the desired lighting-shading.Smart Somfy motors take care of and shut down if a physical obstacle is detected or even malfunctioning. Thanks to the modern capabilities of Somfy ,

our customers receive a 5-year written warranty on every new project. An important safety factor !the Somfy motors are resistant to breakage. All motors are able to connect to a central control unit by achieving their group operation!